Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Halloween Pages

For Halloween, my oldest daughter Mary said she wanted to be Snow White. That was easy, I went out to the Disney Store and found her the perfect little Snow White dress. It was beautiful and sparkly, just like her. Every time someone would ask her what she was going to be for Halloween, she would say Snow White, then say "And Mommy is going to be the eagle witch!" She would say it over and over again and tell everybody she talked to that I was going to dress up. I hadn't planned on dressing up. I haven't dressed up for Halloween in over 15 years! She seemed to have her heart set on it, so I couldn't really disappoint her. The Monday before Halloween, I went online, found a costume and had it express shipped to the house. Just so I could be the evil witch! LOL...

On Halloween, I dressed up, put on my make up and went to pick Mary up from school. When she saw the Evil Witch coming to her classroom, she was speechless. Which is a very big deal for my little chatterbox! She stared at me with a look of uncertainty. Finally, when I knelt down next to her and said, "Hey Sweetie, it's Mommy" She broke into a huge smile and started telling all her classmates "Mommy's the evil witch". Somewhere along the way she learned that it was evil instead of eagle. Hahaha...Anyway. Here are the pages I made for our costumes. Dressing up was a blast, I plan to do it again next year!

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