Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Scrapping Made Easy....

So, I've been using My Memories Suite for a couple years now and have to say it is the easiest way to scrapbook.   If you know anything about dragging and dropping, you can do this!   There are some pretty amazing features in My Memories, several of which are grouping and copy/pasting groups, resizing groups and rotating groups.   This is key for making some serious clusters, as you can copy/paste a small cluster into making something pretty fantastic!   Custom sized books are also a feature that are pretty cool.   You can make any siae book based on your needs.  I've used that custom sizing feature to make FB timeline covers and desktop images for my laptop.   (see images below for samples).  

If you have been considering digital scrapbooking but haven't yet taken the plunge, now is the time to do so. There are some exciting events on the horizon!   Software upgrades and likely the cutest holiday scrapbook kits you've ever seen!    :)  

So, to get started....take a look at My Memories Suite.   It's definitely worth the purchase.   If you want $10 off, you can do so by using this code in the coupon box.   :)  STMMMS78449

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